Learning Method: Lecture Method

Lecture Method

In the lecture method of teaching and learning activities teachers dominate. Definitions and formulas are given by guru.Penurunan formula or theorem proving himself by guru.Guru done telling him what to do and how to conclude. The examples given and done well about their own by-step teacher guru.Langkah followed closely by students.

force lecture methods:

a. can accommodate large classes, each student has equal opportunity to listen and therefore the costs needed to be relatively cheaper
b. hiraaki concepts presented will provide learning facilities to students
c. teachers can provide pressures toward ha-essential, until the time and energy can best be utilized.
d. syllabus content can be resolved more easily, because teachers do not have to adjust to students’ learning speed.
e. shortages or lack of textbooks and learning aids do not inhibit the implementation of the lesson with a lecture.

weakness lecture methods:

a. boring lessons and students become passive, because they do not have the opportunity to discover for themselves the concept being taught. students only active in making the record.
b. density given concepts can result in students not able to master the material taught.
c. knowledge acquired through lectures more quickly overlooked

Source: http://www.shvoong.com/social-sciences/education/1997672-learning-method-lecture-method/

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